How do I replace an old shaver head? How do I clean the shaver head?

You simply twist out the old shaver head assembly from the body/handle of the shaver and replace it with the new blades. For optimum performance and a long and safe life of shaver you should wash/clean the shaver head after each shave. Run warm water through all blades of the shaver head as you hold it sideways or place in the stand filled with water. The hair will wash out. Please refer to the detailed instructions on maintenance of shaver head.

What is the best way to hold and shave?

Your new shaver has a patented design and it gives you two different ways to hold it depending on what part of your body you want to reach. Use whichever way makes it easier for you. For instance, to shave back of your head and neck, or to shave back of leg one should hold it in gliding mode. 

Move the shaving heads over the skin, making both straight and circular movements.

It may take 2 to 3 weeks for you to get accustomed to Skull Shaver cutter rotary shaving head.

Always follow the cleaning instructions that came with the shaver. To prevent damage, put the protection cap on the shaver after use.

How long does it take to get used to a new shaver?

We recommend to allow an adaptation period of 2 to 3 weeks, during which you should shave regularly (at least 4 times per week) to allow your hair and skin to adapt to the new shaver. During this period, use your new electric shaver exclusively and do not alternate shaving methods; alternating shaving methods makes it more difficult to adapt to the new shaving system Your first shaves may not give you the result you expect and your skin may even become slightly irritated. This is not uncommon since your skin and beard need time to adapt to any new shaving system.

Do I have to charge the shaver for longer than normal the first time?

If you have the PitBull shaver which has the Li-ion battery then it does not have to be charged for longer the first time to reach their full capacity. It should take 2 hours or less to recharge every time.

What does the charge/recharge cycles mean? How many cycles can I expect from the battery?

A charge cycle is the process of charging a rechargeable battery and discharging it as required into a load. Our rechargeable batteries should last for up to 500 cycles. Therefore, number of charge cycle affects life more than the mere passage of time. We recommend that the shaver unit should be recharged only when the indicator shows less than 20% battery left. One should use their own experience in recharging those units which do not have battery level indicator.

How long does the shaver need to be charged?

See the instructions that came with the shaver. PitBull and Butterfly models will take approximately 2 hours to fully recharge.

How long does the shaver work on one charge?

Pitbull Silver and Palm will last approximately 30 minutes. Other models like Pitbull Gold and Pitbull Platinum should last for 90 minutes when fully charged. When the 90 minutes usage shaver is fully charged, the cordless shaving time will be up to 90 minutes; this is normally good for up to 30 days of cordless shaving, depending on the size of shaving areas, thickness of hair and your shaving habits.

How can I use the appliance at different voltages in different countries?

The USB connector should be connected to the appropriate power plug for the country in use.

Can I do a wet or dry shave?

Our PitBull and Butterfly Shavers will allow you both, dry shave as well as wet shave. Please read the flyers, instructions that came with the respective model.

Can I use the shaver in the shower or in the bathtub?

We do not recommend using any of our shavers in the bathtub. However our Pitbull Series shavers use IPX5 technology giving you the freedom and convenience of shaving in the shower.

What is the best way to shave with shaving foam?

If you own a shaver that allows dry and wet shave then follow some of the following suggestions:

  1. Apply some water to your skin, and then apply your favourite shaving foam.
  2. Move or glide the shaving unit in circular movements over your skin.
  3. Clean your face with some water and dry your face.
  4. Rinse and clean the shaver unit as per instructions provided. Shaver handle/body may not be water proof but water resistant and washable only. Therefore, any splashed water should be wiped off and be let dry for a safe and proper operation of the shaver.

Can I charge my shaver safely if water has entered my shaver?

You should recharge your shaver only when it is totally dry. Wipe of and let dry any water splash that you may notice on the body/handle of the shaver.

How long does a shaving head last?

Our shaver heads are made of the highest quality steel. Many of our customers use them quite heavily on multiple parts of their body i.e. face, head, leg, arm etc. With such a heavy workout they do lose their sharp edge over time. Even if an immediate decrease in performance is not noticeable, your shaving head will gradually become less sharp and precise. Depending on the frequency and volume of shaving area as well as thickness of your hair, an average we recommend to replace your blade shaving head every six months.

How can I order spare parts for the shaver?

You can order them online at