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The best quality products available


ShaverHub is proud to provide Skull Shaver's whole new concept
in head, face and leg shaving shipping directly to Australian and New Zealand customers.

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Butterfly Kiss
Women's Shaver
Clean and close shave for arms, legs and other parts of the body.
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Skull Shaver
Beast Clipper Set
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Skull Shaver Beast Clipper Set - ShaverHub
Skull Shaver Beast Clipper Set - ShaverHub
Skull Shaver Beast Clipper Set - ShaverHub
Skull Shaver Beast Clipper Set - ShaverHub
Skull Shaver Beast Clipper Set
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ShaverHub has been an authorised distributor for Skull Shaver in Australia and New Zealand since 2018. Skull Shaver is an international company founded back in 2012 that aims to bring comfort to people’s life. Thanks to the innovative approach of company’s founders, combined with heavy investment in the R&D, Skull Shaver has been able to turn the industry upside down, by offering a range of products of exceptional quality and unbeatable performance. The one of a kind design of Skull Shaver has revolutionised the industry and changed the way people shave. The unique patented head shavers have become the ultimate choice for personal care for hundreds of thousands of people around the world. The range of Skull Shaver products are continuously upgraded to offer top-notch products for every need. Check out their great products below.