Use and maintenance of shaver head


Our rotary cutter shaver head will give you a nice and smooth shaving experience as long as you use and rinse it frequently. Shaves should be done often and followed by a cleaning of the shaver head. These shaver heads are delicate so keep them safely. Use a good protective bag or hard shell case to protect these shaver heads when traveling. Follow the instructions for keep them clean for an optimum performance each time.

How to Open Shaver Head

Easy 5 second rinse keeps blades clean and sharp


  1. Get Clean (preferably warm) water in a glass bowl or rinse stand.


  1. After each shave dip the shaver head only in the water as shown.


  1. Turn shaver on for 5 seconds only. This will nicely clean the shaver head.


One of the great features of our shavers is the nice and easy grip. Do not squeeze or ball your fingers (see below) when using easy gliding motions.