About ShaverHub

ShaverHub is an authorised distributor in Australia and New Zealand for Skull Shaver® which is known for its highly effective and patented horizontal electric shaver body/handle, versus the traditional electric shaver vertical handle. The design of this handle allows one to reach the back of their head or leg, or other parts of their body, much more easily than ever before. Skull Shaver® shavers also feature large, round concave-shaped shaver head which can pivot, and they also consist of five rotary cutters with individual flex action. This allows the shaver to automatically adjust to every curve of one’s scalp, face or leg for a comfortable and smooth shave. No other electric shaver in the world can claim all these features!
The first Skull Shaver® was first offered in USA through Amazon in 2012 and instantly became a hit.
Skull Shaver® soon realised that many women were talking about Skull Shaver®. From their testimonials and feedback they found the design of our Butterfly Shaver very attractive, and liked the utility of covering large shaving areas fast with a large pivoting and flexing shaver head. The unique patented design also allows women to reach back of their leg and other parts of the body more easily. Women also found many of the accessories and attachments extremely useful.
By the end of 2013, Skull Shaver® had turned the market for electric shavers for men and women upside down. By then, our shavers were loaded with much superior technology, materials and features like:

  • LCD or LED battery level display
  • Li-ion battery
  • Wet or dry shave
  • Quick charge time

Skull Shaver® goal is to produce the finest, most advanced electric shavers and related products in the world that will meet the expectations of the most demanding consumers and professionals. And they take the utmost pride in that.
In less than a year, Skull Shaver® had customers in all 50 states in the United States, and on each of the seven continents. Skull Shaver® believes that their journey has just begun. They will continue to serve customers and offer hair cutting and grooming products in a way that will make people's grooming life much more convenient.
When you think about Skull Shaver®, think about the best electric shavers that save time and money and is one of the most comfortable shavers out there.
Each new generation shaver and blade has got better and better.
ShaverHub is here to help supply these wonderful products throughout Australia and New Zealand.